Accelerate B2B sales with instant customer references

Repshift helps enterprise B2B sales and customer success teams build trust and accelerate deals by algorithmically putting prospective buyers in touch with the right customer advocates.

Real customer conversations for your B2B buyers

Prospective buyers no longer care about perfectly curated 10-page case studies or a long list of cookie cutter 5-star reviews. They want real conversations with professionals who were once in their shoes, contemplating the same purchasing decisions. 

This is where Repshift comes in. 

Find the perfect customer reference instantly

Your sales and customer success teams can access Repshift directly from your CRM to find the perfect customer references based on their prospective buyer’s persona, and facilitate real conversations between both parties. All from one location.

Track the usage, performance and ROI of references

Since Repshift integrates directly with your CRM, you can easily see the ROI of customer reference conversations to understand which of your advocates are driving the most revenue for your sales and customer success teams.


Smart Matching

Third-party data sources enrich information on prospective buyers and customer references to make professional matches.

Easy CRM Sync

Keep customer reference data in sync with your CRM through our simple setup process. No double data entry required.

No Gimmicks

Our unique experience gets your customers talking on your behalf without the paid-for gimmicks other advocacy solutions rely on.

Live Monitoring

Give administrators of Repshift full control over activating the availability of references based on the health status of accounts.

Meet the Creators

Qasim Mohammad is a Toronto-based tech entrepreneur and investor, and the founder of Repshift.

Qasim Mohammad

Founder. Technologist with expertise in B2B sales and digital commerce.

Shine Chaudhuri

Design. People-centric product guy who believes in clean design and code.


Engineering. Tech entrepreneur at the intersection of AI and ML.


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We help B2B sales and customer success teams accelerate deals by algorithmically connecting potential buyers to relevant customer advocates.

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