Repshift Feature 1

Easy CRM sync

Your sales and customer success teams can access Repshift directly from within the CRM to find the perfect customer reference — based on their prospective buyer’s persona.
  • Get real-time alerts, insights, and activity tracking across your entire reference management process in Salesforce.
  • Automate routine reference management activities so your team can devote more time to maintaining value-add relationships with your customer advocates.
  • Reps can easily facilitate real conversations between prospects and advocates with a click of a button. All from one location with a simple setup process.

Bye-bye gimmicks

Our unique experience gets your customers talking on your behalf without the paid-for gimmicks other advocacy solutions rely on.
  • Say goodbye to bribing with gift cards, swag, and toasters. It’s time to incentivize your advocates with the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals.
  • Third-party data sources enrich information on prospective buyers and customer references to make relevant professional matches.
  • An integration with Clearbit allows Repshift to facilitate professional matches idiosyncratically without direct involvement from customer advocates.
Repshift Feature 2
Repshift Feature 3

Live monitoring

With Repshift, you can easily analyze the ROI of customer reference conversations to understand the impact of the program on your topline performance.
  • Administrators have full control over whether to activate or deactivate the availability of references based on the health status of individual accounts.
  • Get real-time pipeline analytics and track team performance with complete Salesforce API monitoring.
  • Keep everyone aligned, motivated, and informed, improving team morale and promoting a positive and healthy advocacy culture, no matter how remote or distributed your teams are.

Want to supercharge your customer advocacy process?

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